Demente 1st Lady from Orlando Fl. Mazda RX7 Street

The Ladys Have the Control on the Street on Orlando FL…….

This Team its demente…..They Love the Drag Racing also The Mazda Rotary engine….

The Demente 1st Lady have a Mazda RX7 Turbo 2 Street with Turbo 13b Periferal engine with a 75 shot NOS For Quick Response on the Staging Lane…..Using a C4 Tranny with a 8” Light weight converter….best et 6.90 et at 1/8……..

Heyyyyy  Sorry Guys  but the New Record Stablish on July 2012 on Lakeland Drag in Fl.  from Demente Lady RX7 is  6.28 @ 109 MPH with 1.41 60 ft…. 

Congrats at The Demente Racing Team we Know its a Hard WorK But You Guys Can make it, RX7 Street Heavy Car 13b Automatic 6.28 et…….. Thanks For trust on our Products….Racing Automatic