Light Weight Converters

In our companie your goin to Find Torque Converter for V8 engine,Aspirated,NOS or Turbo engines, for Bracket Car or Fasters Cars with 1,000 HP up ….For Street & Strip or Drag Racing ……

Also your goin to find converters for Sport Compact Car using Chevy Trannys or Ford To…Don’t worry we makes just Bolt in, fits direct to your OEM Flexplate or Aluminum…..easy Like elementary School….

For Sports Compact its very important the The Weight …..

We make a Light Weight Converter for quick response and Flash Stall, but still Strong for this cars they have Horse power….This is why we make Aluminium Flexplate with OEM Spec. for Sport Compact, because with our combo of  flexplate and converter we Find less weight, Higher Flash Stall  &  quick  respond.. 


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