”Video”Rotor-Matic 6.07 et @ 112 mph 1/8 Miles w/1.34,60 feet From Puerto Rico

 Our new project named Rotor-Matic. on His 2nd Full Past will Run at 1/8 Miles  6.07ET @ 112 MPH With 1.34 60 ft  using  26 X 8 Tires ……13B engine Turbo (NO NOS) with  light weight internal Rotating  Chevy Powerglide Transmission , 8″  light Weight Combo Set Converter Rotation 7,500 RPM , Engine Management By (EMS System)  

Engine By Edwin Lokito Killer,EMS Systems Control By Davila Performance www.davilaperformance.com , Turbo By WorldWide  Presicion Turbo PT 76/96  ballbearing   http://www.precisionturbo.net/ 

 Any Question,Quote or information Please  Call us or email us at nctrans@xsn.net or  joseroman55@gmail.com  787-462-4925  or  787-878-2553


Well  we have some problem when will be at the first Time at the 1/4 of Mile, the first Run with a strong lounge with good run …But the computer dont mark Time at This Time …its very disapoinment For us because we don’t have info about this Run……..The 2nd Run, We Run with our customer and Friend Ramoncito owner of El Obligao RX7 …us with good reaccion Time but we have some Tire slip out of the groof,  we have Crash on 330 feet……thank GOD Just Body and Paint….

But at this Time we are going to make some change on the suspention of the RX7… Now we are Stock Suspencion and we are going  to change to stock Chassis with 28 x 10.5 W